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  • Small Compact *Scout v1* Sand Scoop 1.5mm Steel/10mm Holes

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    • Used  Hexahedron Holes (10mm). Best for small ancient coins and finest jewelry
    • Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel  of 1.5mm
    • SMAL COMPACT Model. Good for water and surf lines. Ground conditions: sand with silt or clay, clay and silt clogged sand with shells and stones. Has perfect washing ability.

    LENGTH: 5.9″/150 mm
    WIDTH: 3.5″/ 90mm
    HOLE: 0.4″/10 mm (hexagon)
    Mounting Options:
    Top hole ~ about 1″/25mm
    WEIGHT: about 0.325 kg

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    Small Compact *Scout v1*  Sand Scoop 1.5mm Steel/10mm Holes


    NEW Model!!! Very Сompact and lightweight model. Designed specially for search on the beach, underwater search and surf. Best for small ancient coins and finest jewelry…

    In this Model We Used Hexahedron Holes!
    For the production of Hexagonal holes we used a German Punching Machine Trumpf, Trumatic 500R-1300 CNC

    All other elements of sсoop, including welding, polishing – HandMade Work and Performed at a HIGH LEVEL by OUR TEAM (COOB WorkShop)
    The back wall is made stingy angle that provides convenience to stop foot and reduces the load on the hands.

    Made of anti-corrosion stainless steel of 1.5 mm
    Has  Hexahedron Holes (10mm). Best for small ancient coins and finest jewelry


    LENGTH: 5.9″/150 mm
    WIDTH: 3.5″/ 90mm
    HOLE: 0.4″/10 mm (hexagon)
    Mounting Options:
    Top hole ~ about 1″/25mm
    WEIGHT: about 0.325 kg

    Feel free to contact with us for any questions:

      Additional information

      Weight 0.325 kg
      Dimensions 150 × 90 × 90 mm
      Steel Size

      Holes Type

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      9 reviews for Small Compact *Scout v1* Sand Scoop 1.5mm Steel/10mm Holes

      1. Mark

        Nice solid scoop. Small but sturdy.

      2. Brian

        The scoop small, lightweight, handy, and of good quality. Welds good, and sharp edges were de-burred and nicely finished.

      3. Tomas Oustins

        I purchased the CooB Scout V1 directly from the artisans that make these very nicely made sand scoops. I was looking for a lightweight stainless scoop that was smaller than the backhoe-bucket size scoops that are the norm. This scoop is a little larger in diameter than a 1 liter Pepsi bottle and weighs only 11 3/4 ounces. The Scout is very study. I doubt it can be bent, even in rocky sand. If you’re looking for a small scoop, this is a great option.

      4. Scott Souter

        Awesome Product! The quality and workmanship are second to none!

      5. ricardopriceogomez

        Exelente calidad en scoob scout v1. Es lo que estaba buscando. Recomiedo este producto para todos aquellos que buscan una scoop de tamaño pequeño pero muy fuerte como para darle a un parque luego de una lluvia. Es fuerte y afilada.
        Muy conforme con la atención y la buena predisposición para satisfacer los pedidos del cliente. Soy de Argentina. El paquete llego directo a casa. Gracias por su producto “CooB”.
        Ya hice un pedido del Pelican pro, en su arribo dejare mi clasificación! ☆☆☆☆☆

        Excellent quality in scoob scout v1. It’s what I was looking for. I recommend this product for all those who are looking for a scoop of small size but very strong to give to a park after a rain. It is strong and sharp. Very satisfied with the attention and the good predisposition to satisfy the orders of the client. I am from Argentina. The package arrived directly at home. Thanks for your product “CooB”. I already made an order for the Pelican pro, on your arrival I will leave my classification! ☆☆☆☆☆


      6. William Molina

        Very well made sand scoop! Small and lightweight – I love it! Just used it on Mission Beach, San Diego, California. Works perfect! Thank you for making a great product – much respect! William, USA.

      7. Martyn (verified owner)

        a quality product second to none,worth every cent i paid for it.

      8. Lloyd McComb Alabama

        Quality sandscoop for the price! – love using it on the beach

      9. Angel S.

        Great for my kids

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