Recommendations for choosing a handle for scoop

For convenience and efficiency of the scoop it is required to chose an appropriate and balanced handle, its selection and preparation should be taken very seriously, to avoid the chance of a broken handle far away from home without an immediate possibility to replace it.
The most optimal and convenient option that I recommend is to use a solid wood handle, treated to protect against water with paraffin.
Using ash and maple types of wood handles are the best option, you can also use birch, acacia,
some species of mahogany. Typically, ready-made handles from ash 32 or 30 mm in diameter are sold in garden stores as handles for garden tools (hoe,rakes,shovel).
My scoops come with a standard size opening for a handle 32mm (1,26″) or 30,7 mm (1,2 “) . standard angle handle 65 degrees.
Small backlash is acceptable and can be removed by a couple of turns of electrical tape or putting a 15 cm of shrink tubing on the handle prior to insertion.
Chosen dry flat straight grained wood, preferably without knots and other irregularities as these imperfections will be the weakest spot of the handle.
After adjusting for personal size (how tall you are) of the user, drill the fixing hole and sanding, the handle should be rubbed with paraffin for about 30cm in length and should be warmed using a technical hairdryer to soak paraffin into the wood , then the process should be repeated until the entire handle has been soaked with paraffin