Recommendations for choosing a sand scoop

The correct choice of model depends on its sand scoop efficiency and reliability.

Selection tool based on several conditions:

– Soil;

– The size of the coil;

– The estimated size of the target and the type and sensitivity of the instrument;

– Zone of work scoop (of water, surf line, dry sand, diving);

– Physical data search engine.

On this basis, we can choose the perfect place for your main stingy, though, if you travel a lot and you often have different types of soils, we can restrict the choice of one universal model. Of course, increased with a margin of safety will cost you an extra 200-300 grams of weight is stingy.

Each of iur COOB models designed for your goals and objectives, each scoop will win in certain circumstances.

Ideal for sea and river beaches where the sand is not too rammed, models KREPISH and EXCAVATOR-2 will show the best result – to wash their ability is the highest due to the maximum number of holes, but this decreases as the strength of such a characterization.

Therefore, in heavily compacted sand mixed with clay and silt is the best choice universal model Monstrik-8 or 5GRANIK (using a small coil 5.7 “).

If the soil is dense in a large stone, or under a layer of sand is a dense fluvial clay, or your weight over 100kg, the optimal choice – monsters-9. It has the rugged construction, including the stiffening plate on the bottom.

If you have a beach pebble in the water, or broken shell is the best choice – EVROEXCAVATOR-2. It has the largest six-sided hole size 12.7 mm to facilitate the separation of a large fraction of the soil. In addition, this model is recommended for dry sand.

Diving preferred, so called, scoop scoop action – Konus-12 and Konus-9. Yet they can be applied to river beaches, where a hard clay bottom covered with a thin layer of sand or silt. This type of scoop you can cut the surface layer, in which there are objectives, without affecting the dense clay.

To search for a small medieval and ancient coins, as well as small yuvelirka recommended scoop Monstrik-6 with a fine mesh 6.4 mm, but we must realize that with such small holes will be more stingy clogged debris and soil, so your device should clearly define the objectives small size, for which you choose stingy M-6.

Make the right choice.

If it is difficult to choose – I always will prompt and help him to do, when you clearly described conditions.